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03 Feb
What Are The Factors That Lead To Packing Belts Corrosion?   Packing belts are usually used on packaging. We will check them in advance before using them. There are many kinds of materials. We just need to choose according to the actual situation. Then, what are the factors that cause its corrosion?   1. Packing belts will corrode in this environment, which will affect their use. In addition, the finished product is put into the warehouse without drying. If the product is not dry, the moisture will evaporate from the inside after being put into the warehouse. Not only the product itself will be damaged, but the surrounding parts may also be corroded. There is a layer of water film condensed on the surface of the zinc layer. When the moisture content in the air reaches 60% or in the range of 85-95%, and the pH value is less than 6, the corrosion reaction will be more severe, which will affect its use effect.   2. It may be caused by high air humidity. If it is placed in a dark and humid place, it will be easily corroded by moisture.   3. Another reason is that the finished product is put into the warehouse without drying. If the finished product of the packing belts is not dry, the moisture will evaporate outside after being put into the warehouse. Not only the product itself will be damaged, but the products nearby may be very likely. will also be corroded.   4. There is a layer of water film condensed on the surface. When the moisture content in the air reaches 60 or within the range of 85 or so, and the pH value is less than 6, the corrosion reaction will be more severe. When the water temperature is as high as about 70°C, the corrosion rate is also faster.   To sum up, the above is the introduction of the factors related to the corrosion of packing belts, so to avoid corrosion, we need to use straps in a good environment and choose suitable materials for production to avoid corrosion.
From Dingli New Material
28 Jan
PET Plastic Strapping: Packaging Is Beautiful And Environmentally Friendly   We know that no matter what products are packaged, no matter which packaging material or the raw material is used, it will eventually involve a problem of sealing or binding. For super-heavy goods, it is not suitable to use PP straps, the weight of steel strapping is not light, and the logistics freight will increase. How to deal with this difficulty?   Therefore, PET packing tape should be born in time. PET belt, which is commonly referred to as plastic steel strapping, is a new type of high-toughness packaging belt. Since the "come out" of PET belt, it has gradually replaced the influence of steel strapping in the sales market and has become a Solution for many packaging industries. So, what are the unusual and high-quality features of PET plastic strapping?   high toughness   The material of PET plastic strapping is polyethylene terephthalate, that is, polyester, so it is also called polyester strapping. It has strong tensile strength, and its tensile strength is several times that of ordinary plastic straps. It is close to The steel strapping of the same specification and model and has the plasticity that steel strapping does not have, which can ensure that the bricks will not fall apart and burst out for a long time.   High wear resistance   Because PET plastic strapping has the characteristics of plastic, it has a unique flexibility, and its tensile strength reaches 12%. During the brick transportation process, the PET packing belt can better absorb the fluctuations, thereby preventing the packing belt from breaking due to shaking.   rationality   This is also an important consideration for brick and tile factories. The proportion of PET plastic strapping is 1/6 of that of ordinary steel strapping, and the cost of packing bricks with PET straps can be reduced by more than 50% compared with steel strapping.   adaptability   Due to the material and processing technology, PET plastic strapping can adapt to various climate problems and is resistant to heat and humidity. Unlike steel strapping, it is not easy to get damp and rust and damage the tensile properties, and the bale strength attenuation coefficient is small.   Safety factor   PET plastic strapping does not have the edge of steel strapping, so it will not cause damage to bricks. When packing and unpacking, it will not cause harm to the operating personnel, thereby avoiding any unsafe factors.   Convenience and environmental protection   Because the PET plastic-steel packing belt is small in size, light in weight, and easy to transport, it can save the warehouse space of the brick and tile factory. The used PET belt is also convenient to purchase, in line with ROHS environmental protection regulations.   We will recommend suitable packing belts according to the weight of the goods, which can not only reduce the cost but also ensure the overall packing quality and safety.
From Dingli New Material
20 Jan
How To Adjust The Tightness Of PET Strapping   The tightness of PET strapping almost determines the firmness after packing, so we should pay attention to the tightness when packing, and try to make the tightness more appropriate. Its tightness can be adjusted, so how to adjust its Tightness? Here you need to grasp these points.   1. To grasp its tightness, many problems need to be paid attention to. Generally, the tightness is selected between about 5% and 25%. It is required to stretch to different degrees according to the particularity of the packaging material so that it can be stretched during use. Get a firm grip on tightness control.   Second, if the PET strapping exceeds 25%, it will become tight. During use, if it is a bundle of agricultural products, then its elasticity will be damaged. If it is less than 5%, then the belt of PET strapping will increase. It will not be enough, its elasticity cannot be fully utilized, and it is also very troublesome to use.   3. Adjust the tightening force. This is what many users know. Generally, there is a special knob for adjusting the tightening force on the baler. Under normal circumstances, the tightening force can be adjusted between 4-6. If it has been adjusted to 10, it is not very tight. If so, there are other issues to consider.   4. Adjustment of the swing arm spring. The swing arm spring refers to the part of the baler that is tightened after the baler is unwound. The adjustment of this part can well adjust the tightening force of the PET strapping.   5. Check the height of the countertop.   Therefore, we can adjust the tightness of the packing belts according to the above methods to make the tightness more appropriate. Appropriate adjustments need to be made before use. Only after the adjustments are made, the packing belts will be more efficient.
From Dingli New Material
13 Jan
How To Choose Safe And Reliable Plastic Strapping?   As a consumer product, packaging materials have a large market in the country, especially plastic strapping is suitable for all walks of life, but the quality of products of many merchants is uneven. Some merchants use low-quality raw materials to obtain high profits. In the production process, reduce During the production process, most of the produced plastic strapping has poor color transparency, the strap will break when clamped with pliers, and the extensibility is not high. So how to choose safe and reliable plastic strapping? Let me introduce to you in detail below:   1. When purchasing packing belts, we must first determine the regular and large-scale manufacturers. Now the packing belt production market is mixed, and the stability of the products produced is very different.    2. Regarding the price of plastic strapping, we should not place too much faith in manufacturers with low quotations. We can consult several manufacturers, or let the manufacturers send samples and provide plastic strapping tension reports before deciding which one to choose. the        3. When choosing PET strapping, pay attention to the after-sales service of the strapping on the premise of paying attention to the quality. It is not terrible for a production enterprise to have a problem, but what is terrible is that it does not solve the problem, and Shaoxing DINGLI New Material Technology Co., Ltd. makes quality assurance to the user. If there is a quality problem, the user will provide the corresponding video, and picture information, See how to follow up.
From Dingli New Material
06 Jan
Are The Cracks In The Straps Due To Insufficient Toughness?   The breakage of straps will greatly affect the packaging stability. This is mostly due to excessive use, improper heating, or quality problems. In many cases, it is necessary to solve the problem of incomplete fusion. Usually, press the check valve to release the tension of the straps, then grasp the tensioner for operation, connect the tensioner with the exhaust valve, open the cut-off valve to ensure the packing quality of the straps, and keep it still for 3 seconds during fusion.   Its toughness is not only related to the material itself but also related to the filler in production. Generally, calcium carbonate can be used as a weapon filler, thereby reducing production costs. The price of calcium carbonate is much lower than that of PET raw materials, the more you put, the lower the production cost. But it can't be added indefinitely, adding too much will reduce the toughness of plastic steel straps, and it can't even meet our standard use.   This is why different PET plastic strapping have different toughness. We must check its quality when we buy it. Of course, many other additives are added in the process of production and processing, but it should be appropriate. Otherwise, it will affect the performance and quality of the product, so the quality should also be checked when using it.   Of course, many other additives and auxiliary materials need to be added in the production and processing process, but they should be appropriate, otherwise, it will affect the performance and quality of the product, so we should also pay attention to check the quality when using it. When we use it, we should also pay attention to the correct operation, only the correct operation can guarantee its effectiveness.
From Dingli New Material
30 Dec
Why Do Plastic Packing Belts Collapse During Use?   The collapse of plastic packing belts during use is often encountered, so what causes the collapse, we need to understand clearly, and then avoid it. One is that the reserved length of the welding joints of plastic packing belts is uneven, and the length of the belts is unevenly tied, resulting in uneven force. Secondly, the welding time is too long, forming a virtual weld, or causing the strap to become thinner and reducing the tension. In addition, insufficient welding time, incomplete welding, misalignment of packing belts at the welding port, left and right misalignment, reduced overlapping area, and reduced tension are all possible reasons. Of course, there may be other reasons. In short, we must do a good job in its quality inspection when using it.   In addition, because the product is also affected by the environment, we should take into account different environments when using it, and do a good job of maintenance accordingly, to better exert its effect.   Plastic packing belts have good elastic recovery, high strength, good water resistance, strong chemical resistance, lightweight and softness, and can be tied by hand or by machine. Easy to use and low cost, it can be made into red, white, blue, yellow, green, and other colors, and goods of different grades are bundled according to colors, which is convenient for distinguishing the grades of goods and improving delivery efficiency. In addition to being used for the sealing and bundling of corrugated boxes, it can also be used for bundling materials, fruits, etc.   The tensile strength of polyester and nylon strapping is good, while the cost of polyethylene and polypropylene strapping is low, and the resilience of polypropylene is good, and strapping straps of different materials can be selected according to needs.   Plastic strapping is divided into machine straps (J type) and manual straps (S type) according to the usage method.
From Dingli New Material
23 Dec
Identify Steel Banding Methods   Nowadays, steel banding is usually used for bundling goods and carton packing, but the quality of steel banding on the market varies, so how should we distinguish the quality of steel banding? What are the methods? The following editor will introduce it to you in detail.   1. After the polypropylene sheet is overstretched uniaxially, the macromolecules are highly oriented along the axial direction, and the strength will increase. The horizontal macromolecules lose their binding force and are more easily torn into ribbons, called tear film, which is widely used in bundling retail goods.   2. The tensile strength of the steel banding is determined by the width and thickness of the steel banding. Even steel bandings of the same width and thickness have different qualities, which depends on the packaging material.   3. The quality of steel banding is not only determined by width and thickness, but also by its raw materials to a greater extent, which is why the price of fully automatic packing steel belts remains high. A good quality steel banding must be produced with good materials.   4. The quality of steel banding depends entirely on the purity of polypropylene. The higher the purity of polypropylene, the better the pulling force of steel banding.   The above are the identification methods of steel straps. After mastering these methods, we can easily distinguish them when purchasing in the market.
From Dingli New Material
16 Dec
Four Advantages Of Polyester Composite Strapping   Today's advanced engineering capabilities combined with ever-evolving raw materials provide a wide variety of product options. These choices complicate the consumer purchasing decision process and require more research and discovery. Whether it's buying a new car, renovating our home, or choosing packing materials for our business. Certain products can often be benchmarks against which other products are measured. This has led to other products being seen as less effective or ineffective.   It has long been believed that polyester composite strapping cannot be compared to steel strapping when it comes to fixed overloading. This is no longer the case. The materials used to make strapping today are very advanced compared to their cousins of yesterday. These new strapping materials offer many unique benefits that make polyester a trusted strapping choice in the market today.   improve security   Reduce environmental impact   Improve performance and durability   increased cost savings   1. The security advantages of polyester composite strapping   Polyester composite strapping is safer than steel strapping. Polyester composite strapping is much lighter when comparing rolls of the same length. Polyester offers greater safety for the operator as it does not have the sharp edges commonly found on steel strapping. The blunt edge of the polyester composite strapping is easier on hands and forklift tires, reducing cuts and damage. Steel strapping operators must wear gloves to prevent serious injury. Once the strapping is removed, employees can easily collect the removed polyester composite strapping by tying them up and disposing of them in the trash or through a closed-loop recycling program.   light   blunt edge   2. Polyester composite strapping and environment   The overall impact of polyester composite strapping on the environment is much lower than steel strapping. During the manufacturing process, polyester is extruded from resin stock. Steel, on the other hand, is a forging process that requires a lot of energy. The use of polyester composite strapping can contribute to significant net energy savings for environmentally conscious businesses.   The lighter polyester composite strapping also reduces overall load weight. This saves space, time, and fuel moving those goods from point A to point B. Polyester composite strapping is a recyclable product that reduces packaging waste and disposal costs. These cost reductions improve company profits and reduce environmental impact. This recycled material can be recycled multiple times into post-consumer products including new watch straps.   Reduce environmental impact   light   reduce waste   recyclable   3. Performance and durability   Polyester composite strapping is formulated to take on the properties of steel while providing many performance advantages. Excellent elongation and memory retention properties help the straps stay taut as the load expands and contracts. These properties help the strap absorb impact without breaking or losing its ability to hold the load. It is the best choice for loads that shrink and settle after cooling. The ability to stretch and retain strength makes polyester straps ideal for wood loads. The polyester material is resistant to the elements and UV degradation to prevent the strap from weakening during outdoor storage. Unlike steel, which rusts when wet, polyester composite strapping will not stain products when exposed to the elements.   Similar properties to steel   Increase load safety   Resistant to UV degradation   waterproof   anti-rust   4. Cost saving   The unique qualities of polyester make it one of the best strapping materials for securing a variety of palletized and combined loads. Polyester straps can save 30% or more when used as an alternative to steel strapping. Therefore, polyester composite strapping is:   extremely versatile   30% savings compared to steel   Reduce processing costs   reduce conversion   Reduce cargo weight   Reduce operator fatigue   low environmental impact
From Dingli New Material
09 Dec
Definition And Advantages Of Polyester Composite Strapping   Polyester composite strapping, also known as flexible packing belt, is made of multi-strand polymer polyester fiber and is used to combine scattered goods into a whole to play the role of binding and stabilizing. It is different from PP, PET material strapping, and plastic strapping. Polyester composite strapping can intuitively see the fiber filaments in the strap from the appearance and has become a new type of environmentally friendly packaging material.   After several years of successful development of new materials and a sharp drop in cost, it has been widely used in the steel industry, chemical fiber industry, aluminum ingot industry, paper industry, brick kiln industry, screw industry, tobacco industry, electronics industry, textile, machinery industry, and wood industry. business etc.   Polyester composite strapping can keep the tension memory of the goods for a long time after binding the goods. It is not only safe and convenient to use but also can be flexibly applied in different fields and different environments due to its flexibility. Polyester composite strapping is a very cost-effective option. The strapping tool only needs a simple strapping tool, which can be operated by a single person. It does not require power, compressed air, or strapping pliers. It is easy and quick to use and remove. High traversing and folding properties, high efficiency.   2. Advantages of polyester composite strapping   1. Polyester composite strapping uses an M-shaped steel wire buckle as the connection. The design is scientific and reasonable. Not only is the connection firm, but it will never fall off and slip under a firm state, which greatly improves work efficiency and safety during strapping and transportation.   2. Polyester composite strapping can withstand a pulling force of 0.5 - 2.6 tons, which can absorb greater impact energy than steel strapping. The strong pulling force is suitable for pallets and heavy-duty packing, and it is not easy to break. After packaging, its wrapping tightness is good, and after long-distance transportation, the package will expand and shrink, and it can also maintain a good tension.   3. Polyester composite strapping is relatively light, and there is no sharp edge of the steel strap, so it will not scratch the package, let alone hurt the hand. Even if the binding is tight, it will not hurt people when it is cut. It is lighter and softer than the same length of steel belt and is easy to operate.   4. It can withstand various changes in climatic conditions, can work normally at 130 degrees Celsius, has good corrosion resistance, and can also work in seawater without polluting products. It can be easily disposed of as ordinary industrial waste, which is conducive to environmental protection.   5. The polyester composite strapping is bright and bright in color and does not rust, and the packaging is beautiful and firm, which improves the product grade.   6. Even with mass production, the quality is still stable and the specifications are complete. When used with a simple tensioner, it can be operated by a single person, which improves packaging efficiency and reduces packaging costs.
From Dingli New Material
02 Dec
How To Choose PET Plastic Strapping?   Using strapping follows the principles of cutting costs and increasing profits. If the packing belt is not selected properly, it will not only produce waste and increase costs, but also there will be traces of scattered bricks during transportation, causing losses and potential safety hazards, so how do choose PET plastic strapping?   Tear resistance Cut off each 2m-long PET plastic strapping, fold and clamp it on the sample belt with clips, and the distance between each clamping point is 20cm, observe whether the packing belt is brittle or brittle, whether there is a sample belt or not The presence or absence of brittle strands from any tension is a sure sign of poor quality. The packing belt of Dingli Packaging adopts new materials with stronger tear resistance, which can meet the high requirements of brick factories for packing belts.   5 pieces of PET plastic strapping are randomly selected for the bending degree of the belt, each is about 5 meters long, fixed at both ends, and placed flat on the flat ground. Watch the strapping for any obvious or tight signs of bending.   PET plastic strapping specifications commonly used for breaking tension generally include 1208, 1509, 1608, 1610, and 1910 specifications. The breaking tension of the strap determines the quality. The greater the pull, the higher the exposure and the better the performance.   Due to the sharp edges and corners of bricks and their uneven appearance, the packaging of bricks has extremely high requirements for PET plastic strapping. Choosing PET plastic straps can properly reduce costs and further improve efficiency.
From Dingli New Material
25 Nov
What Is Polyester Composite Strapping?   Polyester composite strapping, also known as flexible packing belt, commonly known as flexible polyester composite strapping, polyester fiber strapping, PET polyester composite strapping, flexible strap, high-strength polyester composite strapping, polyester fiber strap flexible strap, high-strength polyester composite strapping, polyester fiber Belt, polyester binding belt, is made of polyethylene terephthalate as the main raw material after finishing. It is currently a new type of environmentally friendly packaging material used to replace steel belts and PET strapping in the world. It has the characteristics of convenience, high efficiency, and environmental protection. After the successful development of new materials and the sharp drop in cost in recent years, it has been widely used in the steel industry, chemical fiber industry, aluminum ingot industry, paper industry, brick kiln industry, screw industry, tobacco industry, Electronics, textiles, machinery and wood industries, etc., advocate green and environmental protection, keep up with the development and technical requirements of new materials, to meet the needs of fast commodity inspection, fast logistics, and non-destructive long-distance transportation.   Product advantages of polyester composite strapping:   ●High-strength tensile strength, replacing the traditional steel strapping method.   ●Elastic extensibility and recovery.   ●It has good tension retention ability and memory, it will not relax for a long time after it is packed well, and it can effectively absorb the vibration during transportation, thus ensuring that the goods have excellent impact resistance in the long term.   ● It is safe to use and has good flexibility. It will not scratch the package and will not hurt your hands. No special tools are needed to cut it. Even if it is tied tightly, it will not hurt people when it is cut.   ●Will not rust or corrode.   ●Even if the tape is partially cut horizontally, the tape will not be broken as a whole.   ●It can be easily treated as ordinary industrial waste.   ●Save customers' additional costs caused by cargo damage.
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18 Nov
Packing Belt Classification   1. Pack with alias straps. Packing straps (straps) are mainly made of polyethylene, polypropylene resin, and cold-rolled strip steel, and some are made of nylon and polyester. . In addition to being used for sealing and bundling of corrugated boxes, hot-rolled steel coils, and cold-rolled steel coils, it can also be used for bundling glass, pipes, materials, fruits, etc.   2. PP packing belt   The manufacturing process of PP strapping starts with temperature control of the extruder, usually at 250°C to 280°C. The next step is cooling. The temperature of the strip material is very high after it leaves the machine head, so it must be cooled in water immediately, because the isotactic polypropylene is easy to form a slug structure under the condition of rapid cooling, and the slug molecular structure is relatively loose. Easy to stretch orientation to obtain high-quality products. Then there is stretching. The purpose of stretching is to improve the longitudinal strength of the strap and reduce elongation. Stretching must be carried out in boiling water, generally, one stretch is used. The last is embossing. After the stretched packing belt passes through two patterned rollers, it is embossed with patterns. Its function is to increase friction during use without slipping, and it looks beautiful on the surface.   Three, PET plastic steel belt   PET plastic steel belt (also known as PET strapping) is a new type of strap that is popular in the world to replace steel belts.   Widely used in steel, aluminum, chemical fiber, cotton spinning, tobacco, paper, metal cans, and other industries.   Small elongation: The elongation is only one-sixth of that of the polypropylene (PP) belt, which can maintain the tension for a long time.   Strong temperature resistance: the melting point is 260 degrees, and it will not deform when used below 120 degrees.   Good flexibility: There is no sharp edge of the steel belt, and the operation is safe, neither hurting the hand nor damaging the tied object.   Beautiful and rust-free: there is no danger of the steel belt rusting and polluting the objects to be tied, and the color is bright and recognizable.   Four, the main classification of packing belt   Packing tape is a kind of packaging material with a wide range of applications. It has a wide variety. According to different classification methods, it can be classified in the following aspects:   1. From the quality of PP material consumed, it can be divided into the core-spun belt and solid core belt;   2. From the quality of the product, it can be divided into transparent grade A, transparent grade B, grade A, grade AB, grade B, grade BC, and grade C;   3. According to the balers used, it can be divided into manual baling belts and machine baling belts (machine baling belts are divided into fully automatic machine tying and semi-automatic machine tying);   4. In terms of use, it can be divided into packing belts for packaging and handicraft belts;   5. Whether it can be printed can be divided into printing tape and non-printing tape;   6. From the perspective of acceptable ability, there are mainly PP packing belts, plastic steel packing belts (also called PET packing belts), and iron packing belts;   7. From the source of raw materials for manufacturing packing belts, it can be divided into new material packing belts and recycled material packing belts;   8. From the perspective of color, there are mainly white packing tape, gray packing tape, and colored packing tape.
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