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Shaoxing DINGLI New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

Shaoxing Dingli New Material Technology Co., Ltd. stands as a distinguished professional manufacturer of Steel Strapping in China, boasting an impressive 13-year tenure. Situated in Shaoxing, Zhejiang, our strategic location places us in close proximity to the bustling ports of Ningbo and Shanghai.
Dingli New Materials is recognized as a national high-tech enterprise. Our company has successfully obtained rigorous and authoritative ISO9001、ISO14001、ISO45001 and SGS certifications. Furthermore, our independently developed winding and leveling device has secured several national patents, underlining our commitment to innovation and excellence.
In collaboration with Zhejiang University, a prominent institution in China, our company has established an electromagnetic heating test facility. This advanced facility plays a pivotal role in offering scientific and technical backing for the multifaceted and meticulous evolution of our company's product portfolio.
12 Years Experience

Currently, our company boasts an independent "High Tensile Strength Steel Strapping Production Line," along with three sets of the "Regular Tensile Strength Steel Strapping Production Line." These facilities, designed, developed, and manufactured in-house, reflect our commitment to quality control. Our annual production capacity for steel strapping exceeds 60,000 tons, while the capacity for all types of seals surpasses 100 million pieces.
We maintain an array of cutting-edge testing equipment within our facility, including a universal tensile test machine, salt spray machine, and deflection testing machine, among others. Additionally, we've implemented a robust quality assurance system, comprising three inspection checkpoints. These checkpoints cover the incoming assessment of raw materials, control over production processes, and the final inspection of finished products.
we collaborate with several prominent domestic steel mills to craft a range of raw materials, each possessing distinct characteristics tailored to meet the demands of our esteemed clientele's high-end packaging requirements. This synergy enables us to offer diverse packaging solutions that align seamlessly with their needs.
Envisioned as a trailblazing industry archetype and a thriving enterprise, Shaoxing Dingli New Material Technology Co., Ltd. persistently aspires to actualize its mission of "Empowering global customers, heralding the prowess of Chinese manufacturing."

Honor certificate

The company has passed various national patents, passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, and obtained the national high-tech enterprise certificate.

  • ISO9001 Chinese
  • ISO9001 English
  • Trademark registration certificate
  • Dingli Science and Technology Achievement Registration Certificate
  • Dingli Science and Technology Achievement Registration Certificate
  • Dingli Science and Technology Achievement Registration Certificate
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Plastic Strapping Industry Knowledge Extension

Is plastic strapping toxic?
The general material of plastic strapping is nylon, which is non-toxic under normal circumstances! There will be no volatile substances at room temperature. You can use it with confidence.

How to use plastic strapping?
  1. Ligation packing.
Ligation-type packaging This type of joint is made of soft plastic rope, hemp rope, etc. as the binding material, and a slipknot is tied at the plastic strapping joint. This joint method is not only firm and beautiful, but also easy to untie. Plastic strapping is made of a mixture of two plastics, PP and PET. The main production process: melting of plastic pellets---pressing tape---forming---cooling---winding---packing---warehousing plastic strapping is made of polypropylene through heating, melting, pulling The packaging materials with mesh structure produced by stretching and cooling, the basic parameters that affect the quality of plastic strapping are tension, length, curvature, elongation, etc. In the case of the same tension and other parameters, the longer the length, the lower the cost.
2. Hot-melt lap packing.
Hot-melt lap packing adopts heating methods such as electrothermal welding, mechanical high-frequency oscillation welding and ultrasonic welding. The surface layer of the plastic belt is heated and melted, and the melting surfaces of the two belt ends are overlapped, and they are kept under a certain pressure for a certain period of time. After the melting surface is condensed, the plastic tape joint is bonded. Features: Hot-melt lap packing is the latest packing method, which is suitable for polypropylene plastic belts, because if polypropylene plastic belts are mechanically fixed with iron buckles, their strength is only 50% of the base material, and the adhesive connection is also not applicable. The excuse is solid and beautiful, but it cannot be undone.
3. Iron buckle packaging.
First use the one-way operation of the ratchet of the tensioner to tighten the plastic strapping, then place an iron buckle at the joint of the plastic strapping, then use the clamp to make the iron buckle wrap the two layers of plastic strapping, and put the side of the iron buckle The concave and convex tooth shape of the teeth can bite the plastic strapping without causing it to loosen. The iron buckle is usually made of galvanized iron sheet, and the iron buckle with the appropriate specification should be selected according to the plastic strapping model during operation.