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Shaoxing DINGLI New Material Technology Co., Ltd is China Polyester Composite Strapping Manufacturers and Polyester Composite Strapping Suppliers, we offers Wholesale Polyester Composite Strapping for sale at factory price. Our products have passed ISO9001 certification, with an annual production capacity of more than 60,000 tons. We actively develop a variety of raw materials with different characteristics to meet various high-end packaging needs and provide customers with a variety of packaging solutions.
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We have advanced supporting testing equipment on the premises such as a universal tensile test machine, salt spray machine, deflection testing machine, etc. We have set up 3 quality inspection gates for incoming inspection of raw materials, production process control and delivery inspection of finish products. Meanwhile, we are proactive, pioneering and innovative as we constantly collect and analyze data from our production lines. Then we cooperate with several large domestic steel mills to develop a variety of raw materials with different characteristics in order to adapt to a variety of high-end packaging needs and provide customers with a variety of packaging solutions. Our products can meet the Chinese national standards (GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001:2015). Our products are renowned for their high quality both at home and abroad, which is widely used in ferrous metallurgy, non-ferrous metals, glass and building materials, wood industry and other industries.

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The company has passed various national patents, passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, and obtained the national high-tech enterprise certificate.

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30 Mar
How is Galvanized steel strapping maintained? Galvanized steel strapping is a durable and long-lasting material used in various applications such as packaging, bundling, and securing items. Proper maintenance of galvanized steel strapping can help extend its lifespan and ensure its effectiveness. Here are some tips for maintaining galvanized steel strapping: Store in a dry location: Galvanized steel strapping should be stored in a dry location to prevent rusting or corrosion. Avoid storing it in damp or humid areas. Keep away from chemicals: Exposure to chemicals can damage the galvanized coating of the steel strapping. Store it away from any chemicals that may cause harm. Inspect regularly: Regularly inspect the strapping for any signs of damage or wear. If any defects are found, replace the strapping to prevent it from failing during use. Clean regularly: Clean the strapping regularly to remove any dirt or debris that may cause damage to the galvanized coating. Use a mild detergent and a soft cloth to clean the strapping. Avoid bending or twisting: Bending or twisting the strapping can cause damage to the galvanized coating, which can lead to rusting or corrosion. Use proper tools and techniques to handle the strapping. Lubricate moving parts: If the galvanized steel strapping is used in applications where it moves or slides against other materials, it may require lubrication to prevent damage to the galvanized coating. Use a lubricant that is compatible with the galvanized coating. By following these maintenance tips, you can ensure that your galvanized steel strapping remains in good condition and continues to provide reliable performance.
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15 Mar
What are the advantages of Steel Strapping Seals? Steel strapping seals are commonly used in industrial applications to secure and fasten heavy-duty loads, such as construction materials, metal sheets, and wooden crates. There are several advantages to using steel strapping seals, including: High Strength: Steel strapping seals are made of high-strength steel material, which makes them resistant to impact and heavy loads. They are durable and can withstand harsh environmental conditions, making them ideal for outdoor applications. Corrosion Resistance: Steel strapping seals are resistant to corrosion, which ensures that they maintain their structural integrity over time. This is important for applications where the strapping is exposed to moisture or harsh chemicals. Easy to Use: Steel strapping seals are easy to install, and they can be used with manual or automated strapping tools. They have a simple design that allows for quick and easy application, which can help increase productivity. Cost-Effective: Steel strapping seals are relatively inexpensive compared to other types of strapping materials. They offer excellent value for money, especially for applications that require heavy-duty strapping. Versatility: Steel strapping seals are suitable for a wide range of applications and can be used with various strapping widths and thicknesses. They are ideal for securing heavy loads, such as construction materials, pallets, and machinery. Overall, steel strapping seals are an excellent choice for industrial applications that require durable, strong, and corrosion-resistant strapping. Their affordability, ease of use, and versatility make them a popular choice for many businesses.
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03 Mar
Polyester Composite Strapping Insulation Performance Characteristics   Due to its own material, good characteristics such as acid and alkali resistance, and insulation performance, plastic has become a very strong competitor in the cable tie market. Unlike stainless steel cable ties and plastic-sprayed stainless steel cable ties, polyester composite strapping is not easy to age. With strong bearing capacity, it is more and more widely used in daily life and some industrial environments.   Some people also call polyester composite strapping nylon cable ties, cable tie self-locking polyester composite strapping, weather-resistant polyester composite strapping, and so on. Due to the particularity of the product, polyester composite strapping is more particular about the mold, injection molding process, and materials. Polyester composite strapping is straps that tie things together, they can get tighter and tighter. There are also removable zip ties. Widely used in electronic factories, bundling TV sets, computers and other internal connecting wires, lighting equipment, electric motors, electronic toys and other internal wires, mechanical equipment, oil pipelines, packaging or bundling other objects, also used in agriculture, handicrafts, and other projects. Polyester composite strapping seals the filled bag in a one-way self-locking manner, which acts as a seal.   Performance characteristics of polyester composite strapping   1. Acid resistance, corrosion resistance, good insulation, not easy to age, lightweight, safe, and strong bearing capacity.   2. The product has the characteristics of fast bonding, good insulation, self-locking, band-free, and easy to use.   3. Sunscreen, waterproof, moisture-proof, and dust-proof.   4. Durable.   Therefore, in use, there is little possibility of rupture during construction and self-rupture after use, thereby ensuring the integrity and effectiveness of each filled bag body, and ensuring the safety and stability of the packaging bag play a non-negligible role.   There are too many performance characteristics of polyester composite strapping, precisely because these performances are widely used.
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21 Feb
Which Manufacturer Of Metal Strapping Has Good Production Quality?   PP strapping, PET strapping, and steel belt are three commonly used packaging materials in the packaging industry at present and are mainly used in building materials, cartons, and non-ferrous metal industries. PET strapping has replaced the other two types and has become the first choice of customers, so how to choose the right manufacturer?   In markets all over the country, among many merchants, there will inevitably be those who fish in troubled waters. To earn high profits, they use inferior raw materials, add impurities, and reduce the production process. Most of the PET strapping produced is thin and narrow, and the color is dark and deep Opaque, with high hardness, low extensibility, and other characteristics that can be observed with the naked eye. Therefore, choosing PET strapping is also a technical task.   Compared with PP strapping and steel strapping, PET strapping has stronger tensile strength, lower elongation, higher temperature resistance, better flexibility, and no rust. The factors affecting its quality are mainly judged by temperature, thickness, density, tension, intrinsic viscosity, joint strength, tension, and melting temperature. Some aspects can be observed from the naked eye, but some PET strappings look similar in appearance, but there is a huge difference in quality, and some factors can only be judged in a practical sense by touching and packing. You can't just listen to the merchant's one-sided words, but carefully consider it according to the situation, and shop around!   Shaoxing DINGLI New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a Straps Factory. Any straps have gone through strict process procedures, and the products are also well received. They have high strength, good toughness, soft texture, small wear, are recyclable, have smooth end surface, Easy to use.
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17 Feb
Plastic Strapping Has Various Prices, How Should I Choose?   Various prices of plastic strapping in the market are very common, so have you carefully understood what factors lead to these price differences? Let's have a better understanding of the DINGLI Straps Factory!   1. Different raw materials   Plastic strapping is generally made of solid plastic, but the use of solid plastic by different brand manufacturers is completely different, and the purchase cost gap is very large, and plastic strapping is made of solid plastic with different quality and performance, in terms of performance The gap is also relatively large.   2. The production equipment and process are different   Plastic strapping is made by the injection molding machine, but the price of cable ties produced by different injection molding machines and different production processes is different. Inferior and old injection molding machines, as well as backward production technology to produce cable ties, are prone to defects in appearance, and the quality and performance are not stable enough, so the price will be cheaper.   3. Competition and Demand Impact   Competition and market demand in the nylon cable tie industry also have a greater impact on the price of plastic strapping, when the market demand is strong and the production capacity of cable ties is low, they will cause the price to rise. If the Plastic Cable Ties manufacturer has a higher production capacity, greater competition will bring down the price to a certain extent, so the market for Plastic Cable Ties is highly competitive, and if the demand is small, the price will be lower.   4. Service Impact   Since there are many manufacturers and brands in the cable tie industry today, we need to pay more attention to after-sales service when we choose to buy, and the quality of after-sales service will also have a certain impact on the price of cable ties.
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10 Feb
Polyester Composite Strapping From What Aspects To Choose?   Nowadays, the use of packing belts in various industries is increasing, and customers have more choices for packing belts. How to choose packing belts with different varieties and good and bad has become the biggest problem for customers. Shaoxing DINGLI New Material Technology Co., Ltd., a company that produces polyester composite strapping steel wire packing buckles, has been walking on the road of creating value for customers, striving to achieve the most valuable packaging solutions for customers at the lowest cost. Today, let's talk about what is the main factor for choosing polyester composite strapping, and flexible strapping straps.   1. Color: Now that technology is more and more developed, color is difficult to distinguish, but it can still be distinguished according to the purity of the color. The more transparent the color, the higher the proportion of new materials, and the better the quality of polyester composite strapping.   2. Gloss: The packing tape with high gloss is of good quality. The gloss is inherent in the material itself, just like human skin color, which is natural.   3. Smell: Ignite the packing tape with fire, blow it out after 3 seconds, and smell its smoke to distinguish between new and waste materials.   4. Wire drawing: After blowing out the fire, use an iron object to quickly contact the melt, and then quickly pull it apart to see if the drawing is uniform. If it is uniform, it is a good material.   To sum up, when choosing polyester composite strapping, understand the various characteristics of packing belts clearly, and choose the appropriate packing belts according to your own needs, which can bring better benefits to customers.
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03 Feb
What Are The Factors That Lead To Packing Belts Corrosion?   Packing belts are usually used on packaging. We will check them in advance before using them. There are many kinds of materials. We just need to choose according to the actual situation. Then, what are the factors that cause its corrosion?   1. Packing belts will corrode in this environment, which will affect their use. In addition, the finished product is put into the warehouse without drying. If the product is not dry, the moisture will evaporate from the inside after being put into the warehouse. Not only the product itself will be damaged, but the surrounding parts may also be corroded. There is a layer of water film condensed on the surface of the zinc layer. When the moisture content in the air reaches 60% or in the range of 85-95%, and the pH value is less than 6, the corrosion reaction will be more severe, which will affect its use effect.   2. It may be caused by high air humidity. If it is placed in a dark and humid place, it will be easily corroded by moisture.   3. Another reason is that the finished product is put into the warehouse without drying. If the finished product of the packing belts is not dry, the moisture will evaporate outside after being put into the warehouse. Not only the product itself will be damaged, but the products nearby may be very likely. will also be corroded.   4. There is a layer of water film condensed on the surface. When the moisture content in the air reaches 60 or within the range of 85 or so, and the pH value is less than 6, the corrosion reaction will be more severe. When the water temperature is as high as about 70°C, the corrosion rate is also faster.   To sum up, the above is the introduction of the factors related to the corrosion of packing belts, so to avoid corrosion, we need to use straps in a good environment and choose suitable materials for production to avoid corrosion.
From Dingli New Material
28 Jan
PET Plastic Strapping: Packaging Is Beautiful And Environmentally Friendly   We know that no matter what products are packaged, no matter which packaging material or the raw material is used, it will eventually involve a problem of sealing or binding. For super-heavy goods, it is not suitable to use PP straps, the weight of steel strapping is not light, and the logistics freight will increase. How to deal with this difficulty?   Therefore, PET packing tape should be born in time. PET belt, which is commonly referred to as plastic steel strapping, is a new type of high-toughness packaging belt. Since the "come out" of PET belt, it has gradually replaced the influence of steel strapping in the sales market and has become a Solution for many packaging industries. So, what are the unusual and high-quality features of PET plastic strapping?   high toughness   The material of PET plastic strapping is polyethylene terephthalate, that is, polyester, so it is also called polyester strapping. It has strong tensile strength, and its tensile strength is several times that of ordinary plastic straps. It is close to The steel strapping of the same specification and model and has the plasticity that steel strapping does not have, which can ensure that the bricks will not fall apart and burst out for a long time.   High wear resistance   Because PET plastic strapping has the characteristics of plastic, it has a unique flexibility, and its tensile strength reaches 12%. During the brick transportation process, the PET packing belt can better absorb the fluctuations, thereby preventing the packing belt from breaking due to shaking.   rationality   This is also an important consideration for brick and tile factories. The proportion of PET plastic strapping is 1/6 of that of ordinary steel strapping, and the cost of packing bricks with PET straps can be reduced by more than 50% compared with steel strapping.   adaptability   Due to the material and processing technology, PET plastic strapping can adapt to various climate problems and is resistant to heat and humidity. Unlike steel strapping, it is not easy to get damp and rust and damage the tensile properties, and the bale strength attenuation coefficient is small.   Safety factor   PET plastic strapping does not have the edge of steel strapping, so it will not cause damage to bricks. When packing and unpacking, it will not cause harm to the operating personnel, thereby avoiding any unsafe factors.   Convenience and environmental protection   Because the PET plastic-steel packing belt is small in size, light in weight, and easy to transport, it can save the warehouse space of the brick and tile factory. The used PET belt is also convenient to purchase, in line with ROHS environmental protection regulations.   We will recommend suitable packing belts according to the weight of the goods, which can not only reduce the cost but also ensure the overall packing quality and safety.
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20 Jan
How To Adjust The Tightness Of PET Strapping   The tightness of PET strapping almost determines the firmness after packing, so we should pay attention to the tightness when packing, and try to make the tightness more appropriate. Its tightness can be adjusted, so how to adjust its Tightness? Here you need to grasp these points.   1. To grasp its tightness, many problems need to be paid attention to. Generally, the tightness is selected between about 5% and 25%. It is required to stretch to different degrees according to the particularity of the packaging material so that it can be stretched during use. Get a firm grip on tightness control.   Second, if the PET strapping exceeds 25%, it will become tight. During use, if it is a bundle of agricultural products, then its elasticity will be damaged. If it is less than 5%, then the belt of PET strapping will increase. It will not be enough, its elasticity cannot be fully utilized, and it is also very troublesome to use.   3. Adjust the tightening force. This is what many users know. Generally, there is a special knob for adjusting the tightening force on the baler. Under normal circumstances, the tightening force can be adjusted between 4-6. If it has been adjusted to 10, it is not very tight. If so, there are other issues to consider.   4. Adjustment of the swing arm spring. The swing arm spring refers to the part of the baler that is tightened after the baler is unwound. The adjustment of this part can well adjust the tightening force of the PET strapping.   5. Check the height of the countertop.   Therefore, we can adjust the tightness of the packing belts according to the above methods to make the tightness more appropriate. Appropriate adjustments need to be made before use. Only after the adjustments are made, the packing belts will be more efficient.
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Polyester Composite Strapping Industry Knowledge Extension

What is polyester composite strapping?
Polyester composite strapping, also known as flexible packing belt, is made of multiple strands of polymer polyester fiber. It is used to combine scattered goods into a whole to play the role of binding and stabilizing. After the goods are bundled by polyester composite strapping, the tension memory of the goods can be maintained for a long time, and the tension attenuation is significantly less than that of common packing belts such as PP. The main function of polyester fiber is. Protect bridge stone reinforcement or steel plates from erosion Thin layer asphalt concrete overlay Steel structure bridge laying asphalt soil surface layer Road stone repair and repair Airport runway and apron reinforcement New asphalt pavement surface layer Polyester fiber sound absorption Board old asphalt surface overlay Old cement pavement overlay, joint filling, curbstone polyester fiber has the characteristics of large fineness, high strength and easy dispersion of ordinary polymer fibers, and also has outstanding high temperature resistance, which can be widely used It is an ideal multi-functional reinforcing material for hot-mix asphalt concrete projects, and can also be used for strengthening and anti-cracking of high-strength concrete. Tested by many authoritative organizations in China, the main technical performance indicators of Shuntong polyester fiber have reached the advanced level of similar foreign products, and another polyester fiber, Chengneng, is at the forefront of the country in terms of price and quality. Polyester fiber products: Polyester composite strapping is not only safe and convenient to use, but also can be flexibly applied in different fields and different environments due to its flexibility. Polyester composite strapping has been certified by the Association of American Railroads (A.R.R.) and the European Railway Organization (R.I.V.). Polyester composite strapping has relative advantages compared with other strapping straps. The following are listed one by one for everyone: high strength and tensile strength, replacing the traditional steel strapping method; elasticity, ductility, recovery: ratio of polyester composite strapping Traditional steel straps can better absorb impact energy and will not become loose after cargo shrinkage or expansion; even if the polyester composite strapping is partially cut horizontally, the straps will not be completely broken because of this surface; no rust and no deterioration: can withstand Lives up to changing weather conditions and never stains your products.

Which products can polyester composite strapping be used for?
Polyester composite strapping has good shrinkage and toughness; better shrinkage binds the enameled wire coils tightly together, and the coil appearance is smooth and flat; the toughness is greater than 400N, and it has high temperature resistance. Polyester composite strapping is suitable for strapping enamelled coils of small and medium-sized motors such as electric motors, stepping motors, air-conditioning motors, fan motors, compressors, asynchronous motors, and generators.

Is polyester composite strapping firm?
1. Strong tensile force: high-strength tensile force, can withstand 0.5-8.5 tons of tensile force, and can replace traditional steel belts.  
2. High impact resistance: Due to its ductility and recovery after deformation, polyester composite strapping can absorb impact energy better than steel straps, and it will not become loose after the goods shrink or expand.  
3. High buckle strength: The strap is characterized by connecting steel buckles, which is the strongest connection method and can be tightened repeatedly; in some applications, the packing buckle can be reused.  
4. Safe to use: it is light and soft, no need to wear gloves; when it is cut, it will not bounce off, hurting transport workers and customers;  Because of its soft texture, the used strap is also very easy to handle; no Sharp corners will not damage forklift tires during storage.  
5. No damage to the product: the flexible texture can protect the surface of the product from scratches.  No rust and no deterioration: It can withstand changes in various climatic conditions and will never stain your products.  
6. Cost saving: Considering the hidden cost of all steel strips, polyester composite strapping is a very cost-effective choice; the cost of packing tools is low - only a simple tool is needed, and the wear is small, and the maintenance cost is low.